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Meet the Vet: Dr Bronwyn Orr

Oct 31, 2023 10:16:59 AM Georgia Kingston 1 min read

I’m Dr Bronwyn Orr, an Australian veterinarian based in Canberra, ACT. I graduated from James Cook University in 2013 and have worked across a variety of fields including shelter medicine, private small and mixed practice, government and policy. 


Can you tell us a bit about your background?:

I’m originally from North Queensland, and moved to Canberra about six years ago. I’m passionate about the profession and have spent the past few years actively involved in the Australian Veterinary Association as a Director, Vice President and most recently as President.


Can you tell us about your role at Vetnovo:

I assist on a casual basis with navigating the Australian veterinary landscape, particularly around workforce issues. 


What do you find most exciting about working with Vetnovo?

I think competition is almost always a good thing, and Vetnovo presents a unique opportunity for both veterinary practice owners and employees. They are looking to do something different, and I think that’s really exciting for our industry.


In your opinion, what sets Vetnovo apart from other acquisition options in the vet industry? Vetnovo is always looking for a win-win opportunity. They present an equitable option for practice acquisition compared to the traditional model, allowing practice owners to benefit from an aggregate approach.


Outside of your work at Vetnovo, do you have any other roles, hobbies or interests that you're passionate about?

Helping Vetnovo navigate Australia’s veterinary waters is just one of several roles I hold, including working casually at The University of Sydney and Southern Cross University, sitting on the board of the Australian Veterinary Association and running my urgent care vet clinics in Canberra and the Gold Coast. I’m also about to embark on a Churchill Fellowship exploring programs to address veterinary training, recruitment and retention in Australia. Any free moments I spend with my 10 month old daughter Jocelyn!

Georgia Kingston

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