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"Vetnovo’s innovative approach marks a turning point in the veterinary industry. As Head of Business Development and a seasoned veterinary surgeon of more than 20 years experience, I’ve witnessed the challenges practice owners face. Vetnovo’s emphasis on transparency, collaboration, and comprehensive support is a game-changer. We’re not just acquiring practices; we’re nurturing partnerships and empowering the future of veterinary care.”

Andrew Francis
Head of Business Development


"Vetnovo's innovative approach represents a paradigm shift in the veterinary market; our commitment to reshaping veterinary acquisitions is unwavering. We recognise the power and value of the practice team and their relationship with their client base. As such, we have a strong focus on preserving practice identity whilst driving growth by supporting and empowering the teams to deliver outstanding client service and clinical care. Vetnovo stands ready to lead the way in a new era of veterinary practice."

Huw Stacey
Chief Medical Officer