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A New Year Insight into Vetnovo's Growth and Collaboration by Jane Stagg

Jan 26, 2024 3:04:05 PM Jane Stagg 2 min read

As we dive headfirst into 2024, the Vetnovo team is buzzing with excitement, and we couldn't wait to share our journey with all of you. The past weeks have been a testament to our collective growth, with our network of Vet Clinics expanding steadily. The air is thick with anticipation as we envision the future and the positive impact Vetnovo is poised to make.


Our Vision:

At the heart of Vetnovo's vision lies the commitment to consultation and shared expertise. We believe in building our strategy collaboratively, drawing inspiration from the valuable insights of our founding clinic owners. After all, who better to guide us than those currently immersed in the Veterinary industry.   The foundation of Vetnovo's success is the shared wisdom that stems from real-world experiences.


Guiding Philosophy:

Our guiding philosophy revolves around a 'light touch.' Vetnovo is designed to empower clinics to continue their operations seamlessly, delivering services just as they always have. We recognize the importance of preserving the unique identity and operational excellence of each clinic within our network. Our focus is to support and enhance, rather than dictate or overpower.


Facing Challenges:

In embracing growth, we acknowledge that challenges and concerns are inevitable. Vetnovo is committed to leaning into these areas, understanding that addressing them head-on is crucial for collective success. Shared services will be a cornerstone of our support structure, ensuring that clinics within the Vetnovo family have access to the resources and expertise needed to overcome hurdles.


How You Can Join Us:

If you're a clinic owner contemplating the sale of your clinic, working on a succession plan, seeking capital, or simply looking to share the burdens of running a small business, Vetnovo is here for you. Get in touch using the button below. Detailed information about our offerings and approach can also be found on the Vetnovo website.



As we step into the future, Vetnovo is more than just a network of clinics – it's a community driven by a passion for veterinary excellence. The journey ahead is promising, and we're excited to navigate it with our valued clinic owners, partners, and supporters. Here's to a prosperous and collaborative 2024!

Jane Stagg

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