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Meet the Vet: Dr Jo Lewis MRVCS

Dec 18, 2023 11:51:44 AM Georgia Kingston 2 min read

I’m Dr Jo Lewis MRVCS, an award-winning, certified cat friendly vet & author. I love all creatures, but having worked with feathered, furred, scaled and finned, my true passion is for understanding cats and giving them a better life.


Can you tell us a bit about your background?: 

I am based near Windsor in the UK, although I grew up (and went to vet school) many miles away in Perth, Western Australia. I bring with me over 25 years of vet industry experience from each side of the pond, working across many settings – from general small animal practice and clinical pathology to international pet travel at London Heathrow Airport.  

As well as pioneering the UK’s first home visiting vet clinic dedicated entirely to cats, I offer an advisory service to other businesses within the vet/pet care industry, improving their feline health and welfare policies. I also liaise with journalists from the international media and write content for popular cat magazines about topical feline issues. In 2020, I landed a book deal with Penguin Random House and my book, What’s My Cat Thinking?, has now been published in over 10 languages. 


Can you tell us about your role at Vetnovo: 

As a medical officer, part of that role is sharing my experiences of the veterinary industry and offering informed opinions. I also bring my rare, but valuable, insight into consulting with people and their cats in a home environment.


What does a typical day at Vetnovo look like for you? 

Sitting down at home with a cup of tea after the school run, tapping away at my iMac… usually with at least one cat sprawled across my keyboard!


What do you find most exciting about working with Vetnovo? 

For me, I love the prospect of being part of a group of vets who are passionate about their area of expertise, and eager to pool their collective wisdom to help improve the future of the veterinary industry. 


In your opinion, what sets Vetnovo apart from other acquisition options in the vet industry? 

I was attracted to Vetnovo’s vision of making practices and practicing more efficient - getting vets back to vetting. Essentially giving the vet industry the technology “injection” that is needed to bring it into the modern world we now live in. When I heard that home visiting was part of their grand plan, I just had to be involved!


Outside of your work at Vetnovo, do you have any other roles, hobbies or interests that you're passionate about? 

As anyone who has met me knows, I could spend all day chatting about cats, and am regularly found nattering on radio and TV about how to give cats a happier life. My three elderly cats and two little humans keep me very busy, but when I have a moment to myself, I really enjoy pilates, good music, gardening, baking and immersing myself in the natural world with my family.  


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