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A new acquisition choice

We are an international collective of independently operated vet surgeries.

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the vetnovo benefits

What makes us different

We are on a mission to revolutionise the industry for veterinary practices. It's time to step away from the conventional and embrace innovation tailored by vets, for vets.

Innovative methodology

Elevated valuation multiples

Vetnovo presents veterinarians with an exceptional chance to realize the full potential of their veterinary practice.

Unlike conventional exit strategies characterized by undervaluation, Vetnovo's innovative methodology has the power to substantially enhance the business's value. This empowers veterinarians to rightfully reap the financial benefits they rightfully deserve.

Get back to doing what you love

Offload your admin burden

At Vetnovo, we understand that managing a veterinary practice involves more than medical expertise – it also requires effective business administration. That's why we're here to help you reclaim valuable time and energy by offloading the administrative burdens that can weigh you down. From financial management to HR matters and day-to-day operations, our comprehensive support ensures that you can focus on what truly matters: delivering top-notch veterinary care to your patients.

Your practice, your values

Keep your clinical autonomy

Your unique approach to veterinary care defines your practice. At Vetnovo, we honor and respect the importance of your clinical autonomy. We believe that the best patient care emerges when veterinarians like you are empowered to make decisions based on your expertise and vision. With open discussions, transparent communication, and a commitment to safeguarding your practice's individuality, Vetnovo ensures that your clinical autonomy remains intact. Your practice, your values – we're here to support and amplify what makes you exceptional.


Acquisition Timeline

From the initial consultation to becoming a valued member of our network, we're committed to making your transition seamless and rewarding.  Explore each stage below to discover the steps that lead to a partnership built on transparency, support, and shared success.

  1. Virtual 30 mins

    Let's Chat!

    Initial meeting and Q&A

    Find Out More

    During this pivotal stage, we'll arrange an initial meeting where you'll have the opportunity for an engaging Q&A session. Here, you can freely connect with our experts, share your practice's aspirations, and ask any questions you may have about the acquisition process.

    Your insights and business information provide the foundation for our indicative offer.

  2. EOI Form

    We make you an offer

    We craft a compelling offer tailored to your practice's true value and potential.

    Find Out More

    Following our insightful conversation and review of your practice's information, we move forward to the next pivotal stage.

    At this point, our experienced team will carefully analyse your practice using our standard valuation process. This comprehensive evaluation allows us to determine a tailored offer that accurately reflects the value and potential of your practice.

    We understand that every practice is unique, and our commitment to fairness and transparency ensures that the offer you receive aligns with the true worth of your veterinary venture.

  3. From January 2024

    We conduct due diligence

    We conduct thorough due diligence to ensure a smooth and transparent transition for your practice.

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    With an offer on the table, our dedicated team kicks off the due diligence process. This stage involves a meticulous evaluation where our experts delve into the finer details of your practice.

    Through thorough research and analysis, we ensure that all aspects align with our mutual goals. Our commitment to transparency means you can trust that this process is conducted with the utmost professionalism and precision, setting the stage for a seamless transition.

  4. IPO Launch

    Join the Vetnovo Community

    Sign the contract to join our group and keep running the business as normal.

    Find Out More

    After a diligent evaluation and alignment of goals, the exciting moment arrives. You'll have the opportunity to sign the contract and officially join the Vetnovo family. With the contract in place, you can continue running your business as usual, backed by the support and resources of our expert team.

    This seamless transition ensures that your practice maintains its identity and momentum while benefiting from the collective strength of Vetnovo's network.

The vetnovo team

Get to know our vets

Our team is filled with veterinary professionals who ensure that every decision we make is informed by veterinary insights, guaranteeing that our strategies resonate with your practice's needs.

Huw Stacey

Huw Stacey

Chief Medical Officer [UK]
Huw is a veterinary surgeon, expert policy developer, and industry-shaping lobbyist fostering critical partnerships with key veterinary associations.
Alpha Hooi

Alpha Hooi

Head of Business Development [AUS]

A trusted vet with 15+ years in small animal care, Alpha also lifts brands by blending tech proficiency with sales and marketing mastery.

Andrew Francis

Andrew Francis

Head of Business Development [UK]
An RCVS and EBVS recognised cardiologist and veterinary surgeon of 20+ years, Andrew has led teams at Europe's top vet referral hospitals.
Bronwyn Orr

Bronwyn Orr

Medical Officer [AUS]

A veterinary leader for over a decade, Bronwyn recently served as President of the Australian Veterinary Association while expanding her urgent-care clinics.

Tamir Spiegel

Tamir Spiegel

Medical Officer [UK]
Tamir has provided outstanding ophthalmic care for UK animals for over 22 years and actively promotes education in the field.
Jo Lewis

Jo Lewis

Medical Officer [UK]

AAFP-certified Cat Friendly Vet and international author, Dr Jo Lewis (The Cat Vet) set up the UK’s first home-visiting vet clinic dedicated entirely to cats.

For business owners

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to join Vetnovo?

Vetnovo will work with you to support your vision for your business, bringing you the benefits of being part of a larger group whilst retaining your practice’s identity and values.

Will Vetnovo dictate clinical protocols?

Absolutely not - we recognise that you and your team are the experts in how to provide the best clinical care to your patients. We will provide a wealth of resources and templates that have been developed in collaboration with our member practitioners, but at the end of the day you will always have the freedom to adapt and adopt these as and when you see fit. However, we do need to make sure all our practices are legally compliant, and make adjustments where they are not.

What if I made a lot of investments last financial year?

In case you made a lot of investments (e.g., equipment or facility upgrades) in the last financial year, we can consider taking an average of your EBITDA over the last 3 financial years instead of just the last year.

Will there be adjustments to my salary package if I work in my business?

There may be, yes. In particular, the salary you want can be set by you. While we expect you to take at least £75,000 / year in the UK as a salary, you are free to set a higher number. Any salary adjustments will have a corresponding adjustment in the EBIT figures (and hence the valuation of the business).

We take this approach to ensure that business owners are comfortable and financially secure to keep running their business, and if you decide to stop working in the business we can hire a Clinical Director on this salary.


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"Vetnovo’s innovative approach marks a turning point in the veterinary industry. As Head of Business Development and a seasoned veterinary surgeon of more than 20 years experience, I’ve witnessed the challenges practice owners face. Vetnovo’s emphasis on transparency, collaboration, and comprehensive support is a game-changer. We’re not just acquiring practices; we’re nurturing partnerships and empowering the future of veterinary care.”

Andrew Francis
Head of Business Development


"Vetnovo's innovative approach represents a paradigm shift in the veterinary market; our commitment to reshaping veterinary acquisitions is unwavering. We recognise the power and value of the practice team and their relationship with their client base. As such, we have a strong focus on preserving practice identity whilst driving growth by supporting and empowering the teams to deliver outstanding client service and clinical care. Vetnovo stands ready to lead the way in a new era of veterinary practice."

Huw Stacey
Chief Medical Officer

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